What is the Coalition for Sustainable Egg Supply?

Who are the members of the Coalition?

What is the purpose of the study?

Who is in charge of the Coalition?

How is this study being funded?

How much is being invested in this study?

Where is the research being conducted?

How big are the research houses?

What happens to the eggs produced there?

Why doesn’t the restaurant industry just do what many individual restaurants are doing and phase-in a certain percentage of cage-free eggs?

Isn’t it clear that the current cage system is inhumane and bad for the laying hens?

Some groups say sufficient research has been done. Why is this research needed?

Doesn’t the United Egg Producers-Humane Society of the United States agreement make this research unnecessary?

What if the study shows cage-free is the most humane method? Will those restaurants involved require their suppliers to convert to cage-free as a result?