The Coalition for Sustainable Egg Supply is a multi-stakeholder group collaborating on a commercial-scale study of housing alternatives for egg-laying hens in the U.S. The Coalition is comprised of:

  • Leading Scientists 
  • Research Institutions 
  • Non-Governmental Organizations 
  • Food Manufacturers 
  • Restaurant/Foodservice/Retail Food Companies 
  • Egg Suppliers

The Coalition works to better understand the impact on various laying hen housing systems on a sustainable supply of eggs.  Coalition members believe we need a balanced and objective evaluation of egg production in order to achieve a sustainable supply of eggs. Sustainability areas include:

  • Environmental Impact 
  • Food Safety 
  • Worker Safety 
  • Animal Health and Well-Being 
  • Food Affordability

Part of our effort is a commercial-scale research project that evaluates the sustainability impact of three different types of egg laying systems:

  • Conventional cage housing, which produces the vast majority of eggs currently used by the U.S. food system; 
  • Enriched colony system which is larger than a conventional cage and equipped with perches, nesting areas, and material to facilitate foraging and dust bathing; 
  • Cage-free aviary system, where hens roam throughout a defined sector of a building, also equipped with perches, nesting areas and dust bathing material.

The Coalition for Sustainable Egg Supply is facilitated by the Center for Food Integrity. For membership information, please contact us.