(WHO) The Coalition for Sustainable Egg Supply is a multi-stakeholder group collaborating on a commercial-scale study of housing alternatives for egg-laying hens in the U.S.

(WHAT) The Coalition works to better understand the impact of various laying hen housing systems on a sustainable supply of eggs. Coalition members believe we need a balanced and objective evaluation of egg production in order to achieve a sustainable supply of eggs. Part of our effort is a commercial-scale research project that evaluates the sustainability impact of three different types of egg laying systems.

(WHY) In the U.S., commercial-scale research on sustainable egg production is lacking. While some research points to potential benefits to commercially-raised birds being able to demonstrate more natural behaviors associated with a cage-free environment, other research indicates an increase in abnormal bird behaviors, disease, food safety issues, and mortality rates.

Behavior and health both play important roles in securing animal well-being. We feel that all elements contributing to the well-being of a hen, as well as impacts on worker safety, food safety, food affordability, and the environment should be considered in sustainable egg production.

The Coalition’s work will result in meaningful science-based data that will help guide future production and purchasing decisions.